Q What is the latest trend in health foods?
A The sports nutrition category is on the rise as customers look to supplement the effectiveness of their workouts.

Q What does an active individual or sports enthusiast take?
A You should take a good quality multivitamin, protein, fish oil and glutamine powder. You need to take quality products to achieve maximum benefits. Cheaper, low quality products will not give you the same effectiveness as a quality product.

Q Can you mix prescription drugs with vitamins and minerals?
A With careful research you can take many health supplements and natural products in combination with drugs. If taken properly, in the recommended doses, in most cases they are safe and will not give the side effects so common with prescription medication.  Where possible, we always suggest that you look for the most natural solution to your health issues.

Q You have such a small store, how can you carry so many products?
A By staying in a smaller location we can keep our costs down and keep our prices lower for our customers. We have to be flexible and creative in stocking our shelves so we can continue to bring you the best deals possible.

Q Do you accept credit cards?
A We accept VISA and MasterCard, debit and cash.

Q Can you ship a product to me?
A We can ship some products but there is a shipping charge. Phone the store to find out if we carry the product you need and how much the cost will be.

Q Do you have gift certificates?
A Yes, we do.

Q What is your position on Bill C-51? Will this mean that health food stores like yours will cease to exist.
A Yes, that is a possibility. We ask all our customers to let their elected officials at all levels know that this is not acceptable. It is a basic infringement of our rights as Canadians to buy products which are natural and healthy and safe wherever we want at the best price possible. This Bill C-51 is trying to make Canadians believe that synthetic products are superior to natural ones and that this bill is protecting our health. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is about money and control. The health industry is undergoing so much growth that they want to control it.

Stop Bill C-51Get involved.

Become informed and support your right to a natural healthy life.



We plan to stay in business to continue to provide you and your family with good food and natural products to win the battle against infections, allergies and chronic illnesses. That way everyone wins